Hayden & Rollet – Prime Panels Project

Ulti Group, in collaboration with Hayden & Rollet construction, has just completed installing an Ulti-Roll Rapid Door for environmental control at Prime Panels new establishment.

Prime Panels is New Zealand’s largest independent manufacturer and distributor of interior panel products and architectural finishes. They recently built a new facility for the production of their wide range of panel products which are designed to inspire, delight, solve and assist with all home and work spaces.

This new development requires an effective environmental control door system that operates at a fast speed and an excellent seal quality between connected areas within the facility. They chose to have an Ulti-roll rapid door installed on this large doorway.

The Ulti-Roll Rapid Door is a compact and reliable rapid door that operates at high speed. It can withstand the occasional accidental impact/collision, and realign itself with the tracks. The curtain has built in rows of clear PVC windows which UV resistant and can withstand high wind pressures whilst keeping the wind out and becoming a hygiene barrier.

Thanks Hayden & Rollet and Prime Panels for choosing the Ulti-roll rapid door! With a speed drive control, which allows to control the speed of the door and adjusts reversing speed when the safety circuit is broken, this really is a good asset for a production facility. Correctly setting the parameters on the rapid door will allow a lot less stress and wear on the door through softer starts, stops, and reversing by activated safety circuits. This in turn puts a lot less strain on the shaft and bearings, and therefore, increases the life of the door.

Ulti-Roll Control Panel

The Control Panel


The View From Outside