Hynds Project

Hynds is New Zealand's premier product supplier for the management of water & water-based waste. Their sales area was equipped with a standard roller shutter security door which took care of theft and break-ins during off hours. However rain, dust, and other nasty weather elements would get in during operational hours. They wanted to take care of their customer’s comfort and provide a safer and more comfortable work environment for their staff.

They came to Ulti Group for the best possible solution to this predicament. Our amazing team came up with installing an external high-speed Ulti-Roll Door.

Crash resistant and designed for areas that have continuous traffic flow, Ulti Group’s Ulti-Roll Door averages an impressive speed of 2 meters per second  when opening and closing. Laser beam sensors prevent the door from closing when obstructed, and a wireless reversing bottom edge reverses the door’s direction when coming in contact with anything. Clearly, it was the most affordable and sensible option for resolving our client’s concern.

Overall – a good looking finished project – as shown by the images!



BEFORE                                            AFTER