Video: Well Used High Speed Freezer Doors In Action

We took a video recently of some high speed FasTrax FR doors on a site which had been in for a good long time, so watch the video to see them still running perfectly and still looking great.

Back a few years we installed some high speed freezer doors at a facility in Auckland. Upon scoping the customers requirements, facility layout and needs, we advised the purchase of multiple FasTrax FR high speed freezer doors.

This high speed insulated freezer door has the tightest and most reliable seal among freezer doors. It also has the largest variety of track configurations with a true knock-out and auto re-feed feature. It’s robust insulated curtain eliminates ice build-up in your freezer which reduce the defrost cycles and saves you on clean-up labour costs.

As per the video to the right shows, the FasTrax FR has operating speeds up to 2.5m/sec. The short cycle times maximises productivity and energy savings. It’s versatile track designs allows the door curtain to store in multiple track configurations, so as to fit almost any application with fewer costly building modifications.

The FasTrax FR high speed freezer door is the industry’s safest door with multiple safety features including a reversing bottom edge, thru beam photo eyes, and optional motion detection. (as you can see in the video where personnel are walking through the door)

In the event of an accidental impact the door will simply knock-out of its guides before relocating itself, undamaged, back into position, reducing maintenance costs.

It’s really the full package. I mean, what else would you look for in your industrial freezer door!?

Be sure to get in touch, or if you’re deeply interested in finding out more, head to the FasTrax FR page to read a little deeper!


Watch the FasTrax FR in action below: