Wainoni Pak’nSave Project

Pak'nSave has 53 stores across the country, their policy being to provide the lowest food prices in New Zealand by following a unique warehouse setup that cuts cost for cheaper product prices. Their stores have a practical and convenient setting that doesn’t compromise the quality of their goods.

New doors were recently hung up by Ulti Group in the new Wainoni Pak’nSave Supermarket. This good-looking new store chose 4500 Thermal Swing doors and an Ulti High Speed Fabric Door for ease of access way and Energy savings from the store to retail.

Here are the features and benefits of these Specialised Doors now being used in the Wainoni Pak’nSave:

4500 Thermal Swing Doors 

This robust 45mm thick swing doors are great for high use doorways. They provide increased thermal protection, have appealing aesthetics and are crash through, enhancing both productivity and safety. It’s impactable buffers give the door extra durability by absorbing the force – from both sides! The 45mm thick foam core panels provide savings on air-conditioning and energy costs, by creating an effective thermal barrier between two areas and the full surround seals prevent dust, insect and contaminant intrusion. The perfect door for a supermarket application.

Ulti High Speed Fabric Door

This high speed crash-resistant PVC fabric door rolls upwards and is designed for doorways with a continuous flow of traffic.  This fabric door is ideal for Supermarket applications where it helps in controlling temperature, dust, sound and wind.

Moving at up to 1.6m/second the Ulti-Roll allows for quick cycle times which in effect decreases energy costs, improves productivity and reduces chances of expensive forklift impacts. If a forklift collides with the door the curtain unzips itself from the side guides and moves away from the impact, then re-zips itself on the closing cycle. A flexible bottom edge and no rigid battens further minimise damage costs. Laser beams prevent the door from closing when obstructed, and a wireless reversing bottom edge reverses door when coming in contact with anything on the closing cycle.

This is a wise decision considering the extreme weather environment stopping the natural wind tunnel which always occurs at this part of the building. These doors return the favour with huge savings of energy involving the air conditioning and the upright refrigeration units, not to mention the comfort of both the shoppers and staff.

Congratulations Wainoni Pak’nSave…. you’ll be reaping the benefits for many summers and winters to come.