Westpac Mussels Project

Our team at Ulti Group has just completed an install for the producer of the ‘finest seafood in New Zealand’ – Westpac Mussels Ltd.

Specialising in greenshell mussels, Westpac Mussels Distributors Ltd. maintains the highest standards in growing, processing and distributing their premium first grade New Zealand greenshell mussels. They ensure that their products have maximum freshness and shelf-life by controlling every aspect of the supply chain.

The company owns a state of the art processing and packaging plant which complies with and exceeds the country’s food safety regulations.

Just recently, Ulti Group replaced a freezer slab door (shown in the before photo) with a FasTrax FR door, a revolutionary high speed door developed to provide a fast and safe insulated door system for freezers.

Since the Freezer door is adjacent to a hygienic wash down area, the FasTrax rapid acting freezer door had a customised stainless steel upgrade, to be fitted with stainless steel fixings a stainless-steel fan arm.

The company decided to go with wireless, battery-less, forklift remote activation for their new freezer door. It shows the new remote operation station which has a control box mounted high for enhanced safety and a cleaner look. There is also a new countdown timer fitted in and outside this door, to communicate to traffic passing through the door as to when it is going to close, and will reset once the radars detect motion in the doorway again.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Westpac Mussels Distributors Ltd in improving their facility and are fully confident that the FasTrax FR door will increase their freezer efficiency save on energy wastage by up to 40%. The door’s versatile break out track system would greatly decrease maintenance costs through its self-repairing guides which replace the curtain to its tracks after encountering an accidental impact.

Click here to learn more. (http://ultigroup.co.nz/energy-saving-rapid-doors)

BEFORE                                            AFTER



ulti-westpac-mussels-fans ulti-westpac-mussels-countdown-timer ulti-westpac-mussels-power-supply