AS Wilcox and Sons Ltd Project

Two sets of automatic rolling doors with full frame bollards has just been installed at AS Wilcox and Sons Ltd food storage facility.

A.S. Wilcox and Sons Ltd. specializes in growing, packing & distributing delicious varieties of potatoes, onions, carrots and many other fruits and vegetables throughout New Zealand. They have been growing food for four generations and still supplies the best tasting ones in the country!

Our team at Ulti Group was privileged to be chosen and commissioned to work on one of the most important areas on a food storage facility – the doorway.

Choosing the best type of door to install in food storage doorways is always critical in keeping the quality and freshness of the products being stored. Doorways are not just the main entry for food products to be stored but also provide entry for both environmental and biological contaminants such as bugs and dirt.

That’s why our professional team at Ulti group decided to supply and install the Ulti-roll doors with radar activation and full frame bollards for products, employees and facility’s safety and efficiency.

The Ulti-roll door’s high speed crash-resistant features are designed for doorways with a continuous flow of traffic such as in food storage facilities for perishable products that moves in and out of the facility in a short period of time.

It opens at a speed of 2 m/second which means minimised cycle time, thus decreasing energy costs and minimising the chance of forklift impact and improving productivity. If ever a forklift hits the door, it unzips itself from the side guides and moves away from the impact. Laser beams prevent the door from closing when obstructed, and a wireless reversing bottom edge reverses door when coming in contact with anything.

Full frame bollards were added to protect the walls where the Ulti-roll door is mounted from forklift impact in case a forklift hit the area.

Overall, the A.S. Wilcox Project was a successful install and we are happy for the opportunity given by the client to improve the safety and productivity of their facility.

as wilcox and sons ulti-roll bollards outside shot

External View


Door Control Box