Air Curtains

High velocity air curtains

Fixed above a doorway these units create an invisible curtain of high velocity air, forming an effective doorway barrier without inhibiting access for your staff or customers.


Suitable for doorways up to 3m high and 1.8m wide.


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Keep out Pests, Odours & Dust

Also known as an Air Door, Air Curtains prevent flying insects, odours and dust from entering your premises, as the air being forced downward creates a barrier and forces these unwanted things out.  

Keep out Pests, Odours & Dust

Environmental Control

The curtain of air created also acts as a temperature barrier between the inside and outside of the doorway, helping reduce energy expenses associated with heating and cooling of your room. 

Environmental Control

Improved Comfort

By keeping out insects and helping maintain the interior temperature of the room, Air Curtains create a clean and controlled environment for your staff and customers. 


Improved Comfort
3m High x 1.8m Wide
Maximum size doorway air curtain can be installed on