Fire Rated PA Doors

Fire resistant personnel doors

Quality hinged personnel access doors which are compliant with NZ fire rating regulations, and which also boast great durability and security features.


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Fire Compliant

The installation of fire doors is intended to compartmentalize areas of a building into smaller units, greatly reducing the spread of fire. Ulti Group’s Fire Rated PA Doors are compliant with NZ fire regulation standards, helping you keep your facility compliant. 


Fire compliance and durability go hand in hand, as strength is needed for a door to have both these features. Ulti Groups Fire Rated PA Doors are some of the most durable on the market, equipped with quality hinges and locking system. 


It also doubles as a security door, being resistant to physical attacks using levers, hand-tools and large impacts from both sides. A quality locking system and hinges provide this door with its top of the market security status. 


stop it spreading through your facility

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