Fire Rated Roller Shutter Doors

Fire resistant steel slat doors

Robust roll-up slat doors providing ultimate security for your facility, as well as being compliant with fire regulations in NZ – a great economical option for any warehouse.


Fire Rating: Up to -/240/- in masonry and -/60/- in modified plasterboard walls

Maximum Size: 7.5m Wide x 6m High

Operating Options: Hand chain or motorised


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Fire Compliant

The installation of fire break doors is intended to compartmentalize large areas of a building into smaller units, greatly reducing the spread of fire. Ulti Group’s Fire Rated Roller Shutter was fire tested in New Zealand to AS 1530 Part 4, in a recognised New Zealand testing facility. 


Roll formed, galvanised steel interlocked slats provide a high level of security, through your opening, preventing thieves entering your facility. 

Ideal For

Workshops, schools, factories, warehouses, industrial buildings and large commercial openings.


fire rating of door when installed in masonry

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