FRP Hinged Fire Door

Hinged Hygienic Fire Door

Ulti Group’s FRP Fire Doors meet over 90 independent test specifications all over the world. Our fire rated door systems provide up to 4 hours’ fire resistance.

FRP Fire Doors combine safety and durability without compromising high standards of hygiene.

Optional: one way single and double leaf swing, or two way single and double leaf swing.

What does FRP stand for?
Fiber reinforced polymer, or in other words, fiberglass.


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Intumescant Strip

This is built into the door leaf or frame during the manufacturing process, and when in contact with extreme heat expands, filling out any gaps in the doorway and sealing it tight.

Intumescant Strip

Ultra Clean

Completely smooth and seamless gelcoat finish which is non porous and non shedding. Free from organic materials, ledges, recesses or right angles, for flawless hygiene.

Ultra Clean

Fire & Heat Resistant

Designed, tested and certified to meet the most stringent fire certifications. Completely heat resistant and designed to
withstand areas with high humidity and extreme temperatures. 

Fire & Heat Resistant
stop it spreading through your facility

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