FRP Hermetic Doors

Hermetically Sealing Hospital Door

FRP Gas-tight Hermetic Door seals have been officially rated to be over 99% effective in increasing sound insulation while reducing air handling costs, wound infections, and cross contamination.

Door: Sliding or hinged single or double leaf with hermetic seal
Sliding Track: Aluminium rail system with nylon bearings
Doorblade: 60mm thick panel finished with hard plastic laminate.
Sealing: Rubber ‘D’ shaped gasket
Options: Fire-resistant, a wide range of door frames, automated sensors. Double glazed flush fitted vision panels.


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Sliding Door vs. Hinged Door

Hinged doors create uncontrolled movements of air when they open and close, which can accelerate the spread of micro-organisms in operating theatres and isolation wards. 

Sliding Door vs. Hinged Door

Patented Track System

The unique patented track system is angled at 45 degrees and special indentations allow the bearings to roll down and in enabling the door using its own weight to seal perfectly against the frame and floor.

Patented Track System


Hermetically sealing doors are great for Operating Theatres, Recovery Rooms, Pharmacies, Delivery Rooms, Mortuaries and Aseptic Suites. 

stop them from spreading throughout your facility

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