FRP Sliding Hygiene Doors

Hygiene Hospital Doors

FRP (glass reinforced polyester) Sliding Hygiene Doors contain no organic material and have a moulded, smooth, seamless, one piece constriction which is easy to clean. Our hygienic doors do not harbour bacteria and are unaffected by moisture and common cleaning chemicals. This makes them particularly suitable in areas that have regular and rigorous cleaning regimes.

Unlike timber or steel doors, our doors are non – shedding. They will not warp, swell, rot or rust, even in the most arduous conditions.

Sliding Options: Single and double sliding options available. Fire rated option is available.

Vision Panels: Many shapes and sizes available, and flush with internal blinds, smart glass or x-ray and laser protection.


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Extreme Durability

Exceptionally strong, lightweight, and impact resistant. These doors outperform wood and steel alternatives, bringing you a lifetime of durability and the ultimate cost-effective solution.
Extreme Durability

100% Waterproof

Inorganic closed cell core which does not corrode or absorb moisture. remains unaffected from exposure to water, steam, and chlorine; even after decades of use.
100% Waterproof

Chemical Resistant

Smooth, sealed, non absorbent surface which is easy to clean. Excellent resistance to most disinfectants, solvents and strong chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide.

Chemical Resistant
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