Hangar Doors

There are no standard sizes or generic specifications for our hangar doors. Instead, each door is designed and manufactured to meet project-specific requirements. Our doors can be manufactured for any opening between six metres and 80 metres high. The opening width is unlimited. Our straight-sliding doors are in use by many of the largest aircraft hangars in the world.


    Unlimited in size.
    Proven reliability in all climatic conditions.
    State-of-the-art drive systems with user-friendly controls.
    High insulation values with full weather sealing.
    Multiple safety systems.
    Compatible integration with building management systems (BMS).
    Unlimited options for cladding, glazing, colour and configurations.
    Integrated personnel and vehicle access doors.
    The lowest whole-life costs of any door system.
    Turn-key supply and install door solutions worldwide.


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Unlimited Size

Hangar doors can be manufactured for any opening between six metres and 80 metres high, while the opening width is unlimited.

Unlimited Size


Each door is designed and manufactured based on a client's specific needs for the project.


Trusted Worldwide

Our clients include major international and regional airlines, fixed-base operators (FBOs), maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) providers,
airports, government departments, armed forces, private operators and royalty.

Trusted Worldwide
Unlimited Size
Used in some of the most well-known airports in the world

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