Preventative Service

    Our service doesn't end with the sale. We’ve always got your back, with hassle-free maintenance programmes that extend the life of your products and protect your investment.

    Prevention is better than cure.  As your doors control access and within your facility they are key to security, efficiency, and environmental control of your operations, huge losses in these areas can be incurred if your doors aren’t operating to their full capacity or susceptible to costly breakdowns. The growing requirements of the workplace, care to customers and staff, inopportune and costly breakdowns makes preventative maintenance an investment, not a cost.
    Service Checklist

    Ulti Group’s service & maintenance programme is a simple and effective way to minimise costs while maximising the lifetime of your door, dock or other equipment. Our extensive on-site experience means our expertise extends to all brands of automatic door operators and dock systems, providing a complete and comprehensive level of service and support.

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    Service & Maintenance Programmes include:

    • Regular maintenance required for your doors to operate at optimum performance levels
    • Detection of any operational faults before they become costly repairs
    • Periodic inspections of your doors; the actual timeframe calculated on the type, age and usage of the doors involved.
    • Service work completed by our specialist door technicians at the time frames predetermined by your site.
    • After-service reports containing detailed information on the condition of your doors, upcoming repair alerts and recommended upgrades for your consideration and approval. In the initial service contract a service value is determined, with additional approval sought for any works outside the scope of this service.


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    Fewer breakdowns

    Less unexpected, inconvenient and premature breakdowns - regular checks reduces costly repairs and callouts and decreases downtime

    Increased Security

    Door function is regularly checked and adjusted for proper operation.

    Health & Safety

    Minimised health and safety risks - doors are maintained in a safe condition.

    Improved working environment

    Improved image and working conditions - doors are adjusted to minimise noisy operation and disturbance to customers and staff.

    Priority Service

    Customers with a service programme are given priority in the event to callouts.

    Asset protection

    Maximisation of the life and serviceability of your doors, while enhancing the efficiencies of your operations.

    prevention is better than cure
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