PVC Strip Curtains

Thin PVC strips

Strips of thin PVC hanging in your high use doorways provide a low cost solution for hygiene, energy, and temperature control.

Ulti Group stocks a wide range of European grade flexible PVC.Bulk stocks are warehoused and available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, temperature grades and colours ready for immediate dispatch.

Rounded edges protect personnel from harm and product from damage.

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• Allows visibility and light for safety
• Reduces noise dramatically
• Stop insects and dust intrusion
• Creates comfortable working environment
• Reduces condensation issues
• Maintains correct temperatures

PVC Strip Curtains Range:
Widths from 100mm to 400mm
2 – 3mm thick
Flat or ribbed options
Colours: Transparent, Red, Green and Yellow
Temperatures from -40°C to +40°C

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Environment Control

PVC Strip Curtains are an economical yet effective option for controlling temperature, ice, insects, vermin, birds, noise and visibility in your doorways at your facility. 


Rounded edges protect personnel from harm and product from damage. 

Ideal For

Cool rooms, Freezers, Clean Rooms, Warehouses, Retail, Welding Bays, Manufacturing Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Veterinary Facilities and Food Processing. 

Face Mount

Heavy Duty head rail which allows for both wall and ceiling mounting.

Face Mount

Stainless Steel Hook System

Corrosion resistant and easy removal for cleaning and unrestricted access.

Stainless Steel Hook System

Hinged Cover

Great for hygiene and aesthetics.

Hinged Cover
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