Rubber Doors

High speed rubber door

High speed roll-up rubber door, robustly designed for areas of high pressure and wind-load, harsh environments, high traffic demands, or where door impact is a concern.


Ideal For:

• Harsh environments with dust, dirt, rain and snow
• High pressure and wind load
• Door impact concerns
• High level of traffic and continual flow demands

Speed: 1.2m/sec

Maximum Size: 9m Wide x 9m High

Operating Temperatures: -40°C to +80°C


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A flexible black rubber curtain that’s resistant to abusive and corrosive environments and impacts is the core element to the robustness of this high speed door, along with its unfailing drive system. 



The Rubber Doors dual ply fibre reinforced curtain provides effective security for the doorways in your facility, creating both a visual and physical barrier to prevent thieves. 


Crash Resistant

A knock-away double angle bottom bar and reversing edge mean if the door is accidentally knocked out of its guides, it can be up and running in only a few minutes. 

Crash Resistant
abusive and corrosive environment?
the rubber door is for you

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