Stainless Steel Swing Doors

Hygienic Two-way Traffic Doors

Swing Doors constructed with a fully stainless steel door leaf filled with foam, making the door hard and durable yet lightweight and easy to use, and perfect for any wash-down application.

Every day swing doors are dynamically pushed by staff or hit with heavy trolleys. We created doors, hinges and equipment that guarantees long operation without any malfunction.


Door Leaf Surface: Stainless steel (smooth, brushed, circle brushed or line brushed) or PE plate

Panel Thickness: 25mm thick and filled with polyurethane foam

Window: Optional, various shapes and sizes available


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Stainless Steel Swing Doors have seals on all four sides, and these are flexible to when fingers get caught in the doorway the door brushes past them, instead of causing injury.  




Depending on door size either two or three solid hinges are installed, with stop functions when fully open, and made of stainless materials.



PE Door Leaf

This is an option, and can come in any colour, with a door leaf thickness of 10mm, mounted on a stainless steel angle frame and standard plastic window.


PE Door Leaf
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