Trailer Stands

Trailer supporting stands

Providing back-up for a trailers landing gear, these robust stands prevent the trailer from tipping when a forklift is loading at the front.


Weight Capacity: Up to 45,000kg

Minimum Height: 1065mm

Maximum Height: 1400mm


Third wheel addition is optional, making the stand easier to manoeuvre and position.


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Enhance Safety

Seldom used or rusted landing gear may collapse under extreme weight conditions, for example when forklifts are loading the front of trailers, creating a major safety hazard. With a Trailer Stand, the trailer remains supported and minimizes this dangerous condition.


 Enhance Safety


Trailer Stands are made of heavy, square, tubular construction, and tires are made of 405mm solid rubber, providing a load capacity of up to 45,000kg. 


Height Adjustable

With a minimum height of 1065mm and a maximum height of 1400mm, the Trailer Stand can fit most trailers that may come into your dock loading area. 

Height Adjustable
weight capacity of a trailer stand

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