Ulti Barrier Arms

    Access control traffic barrier arms

    Automatic barrier arms to control access to and from restricted areas around your facility or car park, preventing unauthorised access and therefore increasing security.


    Ideal For: Closing off passage ways, controlling areas, suitable for motorways, parking areas, shopping centers, industrial centers, private areas and more.


    Minimum Barrier Length: 2m

    Maximum Barrier Length: 8m

    Arm may be assembled on the left or the right side.


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    The frame of the traffic arm is completely electrowelded and plated steel with prepainted aluminium panels, a durable and strong barrier to endure harsh environments.


    The automatic barrier is also known as an automatic security arm, due to providing both a visual and physical barrier to prevent unauthorised access into a certain area.

    Easily Operated Manually

    An emergency handle is used to open the barrier with ease when needed. This prevents any issues with not being able to enter or exit through the barrier in an emergency situation. 

    be secure
    prevent unauthorised vehicle access