Ulti SS Hinged Chiller Door

Hinged Stainless Steel Hygiene Door

Hinged chiller doors which can be manufactured fully stainless steel, making them perfect for any wash-down clean room application.


Stainless steel door leafs are always 100% Corner welded. All inside components are also made from stainless steel.


Door Thickness: 60mm or 80mm. Other options on request.
Temperature Range: Suitable for chillers and clean rooms 0-5°C
Door Material: Stainless Steel or Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel

Single Leaf Maximum Size: 1.5m Wide x 4.8m High
Double Leaf Maximum Size: 3m Wide x 4.8m High


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Single Or Double

You have the option to either use a single leaf door, or if your doorway is a little wider a double leaf stainless steel hinged system, to better suit your cleanroom needs.


Single Or Double


Depending on the weight of the door leaf we use two or three stainless steel hinges. As a standard we use straight hinges but optionally we can use up and down tightening hinges.




Stainless steel handle and lock is standard. Optionally, other types of door handles, anti-panic locks, roller locks, electric locks and other solutions can be fitted to meet your needs. 


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