New Product: Insulated Hinged Doors!

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We have never really shouted the fact that we supply the good old Hinged Freezer and Coolroom Doors, of which there are likely thousands of throughout New Zealand, but today's the day. Read this article to find out more about our range!

This is the style door that anyone who owns or works in a coolstore or freezer will know about. The normal push button or pull handle insulated hinged door, and they usually look like they were involved in some sort of battle at some stage, door vs man, door vs trolley, door vs forklift….you get the idea. Not only are these doors difficult for employees to use multiple times each day, but they are not sealing your freezer or coolroom properly and therefore you’re losing a whole lot of expensive cold air through that small doorway. This in turn is hard on your cooling fans and electricity expense, as well as ice build up in the freezer is immense.

So – why leave the old door there? Isn’t it a no brainer?

The team at Ulti Group have been hunting all over the globe for suitable solutions to this very issue, and have found multiple suppliers who can provide varying solutions which we then decide who to use based on the challenges you are facing in your coolroom or freezer doorway. Every door is built of quality materials that will last the long run, and the Ulti service team is always near at hand to help out with any issues that arise or tweaks you may want to make.

We keep it simple:

1. You contact us with your challenge you’re facing
2. We do a site visit (if needed) and see the challenge first hand
3. You then get shown the different solution options we can provide
4. We help you make the decision as to which will suit your needs and budgets best

With a temperature range of -40 degrees celcius to +8 degrees celcius, these Insulated Hinged Doors can withstand serious temperature ranges and separation.


Another thing to note is if this doesn’t look like it might be just the right door for you, contact us and we’ll find you the right door! We’re always willing to put our teams to a challenge, and always willing to research new systems to bring into the NZ market – so give us a yell!

You can contact the team at Ulti on 0800 807 753 or 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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