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Fonterra Kapuni Project

Fonterra’s Kapuni plant processes whey and permeate from dairy product around the North Island. They continue to improve their plant facilities to preserve their commitment to produce the safest, high quality dairy products.

The site had a roller door & PVC high speed rapid door system as their load out door. This is where their products pass through leading to the truck loading bay.  However, this door system wasn’t designed to withstand the high wind conditions it is exposed to and the PVC curtain regularly blew out, resulting in curtain/door damage.

They expressed this concern to Ulti Group and initially requested for repair. Yet, the complete door system is aged and there was no long term repair solution. We recommended to upgrade the existing two door systems to a one-door solid slat high speed spiral door system called the Ulti High Speed Spiral Door which they very well approved. The older door systems could be removed from each opening and be reused on a less windy or harsh environment.

With a quality door that withstands winds of over 120km/h and operating speed of up to 2.5 meters per second, the door sustains their delivery speed while maintaining the door’s strength and reliability. This greatly improved their efficiency for moving product loads without worrying about door damage. The door’s thermal properties also helps save on energy spending by minimizing the loss of heat through the door.

Because the Ulti-Spiral Door has a light safety grille extending up 2.5m from the floor pointing across the door line, it prevents any false and unwanted closures. Its foamed sections and Micrograin finish is the epitome of modern industrial design.

Another great finished project!

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