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Ulti Spiral Door

High Speed Insulated Spiral Door

Need a fast, high performance door to maximise security?

This high speed security door is great for internal and external applications and has an ultra-fast cycle time to maximise productivity.


Max speed


Max size (WxH)

Class 4

Wind Resistance


U-Value (W/m²K)

* May vary dependent on product configuration

Versatile with options for customisation, the Ulti Spiral is a great multi-use solution for a wide range of applications. Available with solid panels for insulation, ventilated panels for airflow and clear vision panels for useability.

✓ High Speed – the quickest speeds in the spiral door industry with a rapid 2m/sec opening time to maximise productivity.

 Insulated – foam-filled, double-skinned steel slats to maximise thermal efficiency and save on energy costs.

✓ Low Maintenance – unique patented design and a counterweighted drive system to provide fewer maintenance headaches and more reliability.

✓ Safe and Secure – robust design with high-tech sensors to protect personnel, vehicles and objects from the closing zone.

✓ Versatile – ideal for use in food-grade warehousing, manufacturing facilities, secure institutions, airports, government or embassy facilities, car parks, and more.

✓ Durable – non-contact roll-up technology ensures no additional wear on the door sections and helps keep the door panels clean.

Kiwis for Kiwis – locally Produced in NZ


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Non-contact spiral track allows for high speeds and less maintenance


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Ulti Spiral Door


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