RainGuard Seal

Dock header seal

This seal eliminates wet, slippery conditions on the dock by sealing around the top of the trailer, preventing water from entering in from above.


It provides an expanded coverage range, greater durability, and better sealing against water on your docks than any other water seal system available.


Warranty: 3 years

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The rugged front plates of this dock loading seal are designed to take thousands of impacts. 


Lower Costs

By eliminating wet and slippery conditions on the dock, the RainGuard prevents your products from being damaged or contaminated, and also prevents accidents occurring from slippery floors, reducing building and vehicle damage. 

Lower Costs


The RainGuard Seal retrofits virtually any existing seal or shelter, and the flexible, articulating front sweep action allows sealing of taller trailers without damage.

3 years
length of warranty on RainGuard Seal

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