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Endura Flexible Dock Shelter

An Impactable and Durable Dock Shelter

Looking for a flexible dock shelter that can withstand repeated hits from off-centre trailers?

With a durable foam frame, a pivoting canopy header, and friction-resistant fabric that makes it long-lasting and robust, the Endura Flexible Dock Shelter creates a tight seal around the truck that reduces energy costs and prevents outside elements from entering the dock area.

✓ Flexible Frame: Absorbs impact from off-centre trucks and reduces maintenance costs
✓ Pivoting Header: Adjusts to different trailer heights and provides full access to the trailer entry
✓ Friction-Resistant Fabric: Protects against wear and tear and extends the shelter’s life span
✓ Tight Seal: Reduces energy loss and helps keep out dust, pests, and the elements
✓ Versatile Design: Fits a range of truck sizes and dock door openings

Endura Flexible Dock Shelter


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