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A site-wide showcase in safety & energy efficiency at Big Chill – Grenada, Wellington

When needing to make a series of safety as well as energy efficiency upgrades to one of their older facilities in Grenada North, Wellington, Big Chill New Zealand tasked Ulti with providing the solution that resulted in a full end to end installation project. This would bring their Cold Storage Facility in line with their new builds based else where around the country.

This was no small task and so after talking further with the team at Big Chill they decided that they needed industry leading technology and equipment. We came up with a two pronged approach, focusing on key areas that were important to Big Chill’s values. The first being the safety of their facility staff which was at the forefront of their decision to make the upgrades.

State-of-the-Art Docking Systems

To start, we installed 6 loading dock systems using the complete package including levellers, heavy duty bumpers, dock shelters to seal truck openings, insulated sectional doors, interlocked safety systems including wheel chocks and warning lights.

Due to its durable foam frame sides the Eliminator GapMaster Shelter on the docking stations can absorb impact from off-centre trucks, reducing maintenance costs. The technology in the frame, header and side curtains effectively seal any gaps around the truck doors, all leading to reduced energy costs.

The Dock Light Communication System allows incoming truck drivers to see at a glance (with a flashing green light) which of the docks are free to initiate the docking process.

When the truck is docked, and safely secured with the Smart Global Wheel Chock the outside light will begin flashing red. This then enables, in sequence, the lights inside the cool store to turn green, and the driver can initiate the docking process – opening the door, raising the dock leveller, and securing the ramp into place on the truck.

The safety sequencing ensures that all personnel are kept safe and the easy visibility of the lighting seamlessly complements the process.

Once the trailer is correctly in position and the lighting system has signaled that it is safe, the Insulated Sectional Door can be opened. This model comes with weather tight seals around the perimeter of the door meaning these doors are great for external applications, especially for a dock door, to not only reduce energy loss but also stop water getting in creating slippery surfaces.

The staff are then able to use the Hydraulic Dock Leveller – with a heavy duty rating allowing for extended life and low maintenance. This model comes with constant-pressure push-button controls that keep the operator in control of movement at all times. They also have run-off guards that prevent forklift drivers from accidentally driving off the side’s of the leveller.

The whole system is fully integrated meaning clear, concise communication to the right person, at the right time, in the right location. We installed Virtual Vision Advanced Warning Technology, these essentially are bright flashing LED lights warning personnel of approaching traffic through doorways or where there is obstructed visibility, therefore dramatically enhancing the safety of personnel.

The second prong was to build upon energy efficiency and reduce any costs where possible. We upgraded and replaced 8 Freezer and Chiller doors, both manual and motorised, with 1 rapid freezer door.

When working in this industry the annual cost of poorly sealed cold storage can be significant. At Big Chill we installed 8 x Insulated Freezer and Chiller Doors, both manual and motorised, with 1 motorised Rapid Freezer Door.

The Insulated Hinged Doors can be fitted to freezers working with temperatures from +8°C down to -40°C. They offer full heating around the four-sided frame which stops any ice building up creating gaps that would otherwise allow cold air to escape or warm air to enter, massively reducing energy costs.

We also installed the FasTrax FR rapid freezer door, which boasts operating speeds up to 2.5m/sec this makes it the industry’s fastest door, shortening cycle times and maximising productivity and energy savings. It’s currently the premium freezer door available and has been proven for many years across New Zealand.

On top of the world class technology we also assisted in placing 120m of Double Steel Barriers around the facility walls and walk ways – areas that are often prone to accidental impact. This along with  Steel Circular Bollards these are specifically engineered to provide maximum protection against vehicle and fork truck damage to your buildings and assets.

Speaking of which, accidents do happen from time to time but these can be costly so in thinking ahead we installed Full Frame Bollards that protect the perimeter of doorways from forklift impact, preventing thousands of dollars of damage from vehicles that are too high or wide.

Ulti Group worked closely with the the team at Big Chill to enhance their facilities safety and efficiency in Grenada, Wellington with world class technology. With the amount of heavy use that goes on at this site, we were able to offer some heavy duty solutions to minimise maintenance downtime and energy loss.

Ulti Group were very pleased to assist Big Chill on bringing one of their older facilities up to par with their more recent new builds, we are always looking to deliver greater value to our partners, and help protect what matters most.


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