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Ulti Fold: The Doors that Deliver for the Team at New World Durham St

When designing its new flagship Supermarket on Durham Street in Christchurch, Foodstuffs New Zealand needed doors it could trust would handle the rigours of a very busy Inwards Goods / Storeroom facility.

They choose to run with 2 x custom Ulti Fold doors – rapid acting, high-speed folding warehouse doors, perfect for situations where both speed and strength are required. These high quality, NZ-made doors were piggy-backed onto standard external roller doors, maximising security, while maintaining the efficiencies of a short-cycle time.

The Ultimate Balance of Size, Strength & Speed

The Ulti Fold doors at New World Durham Street were designed to optimise the flow of traffic and goods in what was anticipated to become one of New Zealand’s most popular Supermarkets. The large span doors support a tight delivery line for large trucks, in what is a surprisingly small overall storeroom footprint.

Ulti Fold doors are built tough to withstand even the toughest elements, including winds of up to 150km/h. They are also built for speed, with a rapid opening action of up to 1.5m/sec. This has allowed the team at New World Durham Street to keep out unwanted ‘guests’ of both the human and animal variety. With birds having previously been an issue at their previous site, this is a welcome improvement for the Storeroom team.

Large Opening Spans

Entrance Door: 10.8m x 4.6m
Exit Door: 7.8m x 4.6m

High-Speed Rapid Action

Helps avoid unwanted birds
Supports enhanced security

Custom Licence Plate Recognition Technology

Ulti Group worked closely with the Tech Team at Foodstuff NZ to enhance the Ulti Fold doors at Durham Street with innovative licence plate recognition technology. This allows the entrance door to automatically open when an approved licence plate is recognised, removing the need for a manual opening process. This has delivered considerable efficiency gains, not only to the team at New World Durham Street, but also to the steady stream of goods vehicles delivering to site every day.

Licence Plate Recognition

Customised plate recognition
Automatic door-opening tech

Smart Safety Features

Clear panels for visibility
Adjustable Photocells

Ulti Group relishes every opportunity to make its own technology even smarter, to deliver greater value to its partners, and help protect what matters most.

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