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Door Impact Protection

Door Protection Bollards and Guards

It’s always better to protect your door before an expensive accident occurs.

Installing Door Impact Protection is a smart investment for any business that wants to protect its doors and keep its personnel safe.

Installing Door Impact Protection such as door bollards, full frame bollards and track guards is a smart investment that can help prevent costly downtime and repairs caused by accidental impacts, ensuring your door remains in good condition and your facility remains safe for your personnel. With their low maintenance and easy replacement options, as well as their versatile protection options, they are a cost-effective way to prevent expensive downtime and repairs caused by accidental impacts.

Protect your People
Protect your Plant

Safety: Accidental impacts to your doorways can cause hazards for your personnel, including falling objects. Door bollards and barriers can help eliminate these dangers, creating a safer work environment in your facility.

Low maintenance: By protecting your door and doorway from accidental impact, damage and maintenance costs are reduced greatly. Instead of having to repair parts of or replace your whole door or doorway, you only need to replace the barrier or guard, which is of much lower value.

Options: You can choose from different types of door protection options, such as door bollards, full frame bollards, and track guards. This allows you to choose the best option for your specific needs.

Door Impact Protection


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