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Horizontal Storing Dock Leveller

Smooth and Easy Hydraulic Pit Leveller

Are you looking for a hydraulic dock leveller that can handle heavy loads, improve safety and productivity, and provide a smooth transition from dock to truck? Look no further than the Horizontal Storing Hydraulic Dock Leveller.

This innovative product features hydraulic positioning of both the lip and platform, which ensures high reliability and low maintenance. Unlike vertical storing dock levellers, which are stored upright and require more space, this dock leveller is stored in the dock pit and can be activated with a simple push of a button. Whether you need to load or unload forklifts, containers, or trailers, this dock leveller can handle it all. Don’t settle for less, get the best dock leveller in the market today.

✓ Smooth Transition: The dock leveller provides a smooth transition between the dock, leveller and trailer, which helps prevent injuries and minimize forklift and product damage.

✓ Hydraulic Positioning: The lip and platform are positioned hydraulically, which ensures high reliability, and low maintenance of the dock leveller.

✓ Push Button Activation: The dock leveller can be activated with a simple push of a button, which provides the dock attendant with easy and safe operation.

✓ Safety Features: The dock leveller has constant-pressure push-button controls, run-off guards, and a maintenance strut to protect the operator, the forklift driver, and the product from accidents or damage.

✓ Versatile Application: The dock leveller can handle different types of loads, such as forklifts, containers, or trailers, and can fit different dimensions of dock pits.

Horizontal Storing Dock Leveller



Dock levellers are devices that bridge the gap between the dock and the truck or trailer bed, allowing for smooth and safe loading and unloading of goods.

There are four main types of dock levellers: vertical storing, horizontal storing, container, and edge of dock. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application and the budget.

  • Vertical storing dock levellers are hydraulic levellers that store vertically inside the building when not in use, providing superior security and environmental control. They are ideal for facilities that need to maintain temperature or hygiene standards, or that have limited space or high-security requirements. They are also easy to operate and maintain, but they are more expensive than other types of levellers.
  • Horizontal storing dock levellers are hydraulic pit levellers that allow full-width access to the trailer and eliminate the need for a concrete recess. They are suitable for facilities that handle a wide range of truck sizes and heights, and have no requirements for hygiene and temperature control.
  • Container dock levellers are dock levellers designed for loading containers on trailers. They can handle different container heights and widths, and they have a telescopic lip that extends into the container. They are ideal for facilities that deal with a lot of container shipments, or that need to load containers quickly and efficiently.
  • Edge of dock levellers are simple dock-to-truck levellers that attach to the edge of an open dock and provide a small height adjustment for loading and unloading. They are suitable for facilities that have a low volume of traffic or a small budget. They are also easy to install and operate, but they have a limited range of operation and capacity than other types of levellers.

If you need more help in selecting the best dock leveller for your needs, you can contact Ulti Group today for a free consultation and a range of solutions.

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