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Container Dock Leveller

Dock leveller for loading containers on trailers

Needing to load directly into a container on a truck?

Ulti Group’s Container Dock Loading System offers a comprehensive solution for safe, efficient and time-saving container loading.

Ulti Group’s Container Dock Loading System is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve productivity and safety by reducing manual handling of products, enhancing communication between truck and loading personnel, and ensuring product integrity.

Increased efficiency: The design of the leveller allows for easy access to containers positioned in the middle of trailers, reducing unloading/loading time and improving productivity.

Versatility: The leveller can be used with both normal backloading trucks and those with containers, providing a flexible solution for various truck types.

Integrated control box: The Dock Commander control box allows for the leveller, lights, and dock door to be fully integrated and work together in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Improved safety: The integration of the control box ensures that safety is prioritized during the loading/unloading process.

Mounting options: The leveller can be mounted inside the building with a dock pit or in front of the loading docks, making it adaptable to different building designs.

Durable and reliable: The high-quality materials used to construct the leveller ensure its durability and reliability in even the most demanding environments, providing customers with a long-lasting and efficient solution.

Experienced provider: Partnering with Ulti Group means working with an experienced provider with a proven track record in delivering quality equipment that protects what matters to you.


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Container Dock Leveller


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