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Vertical Storing Dock Leveller

Hydraulic Dock Leveller for Superior Security

If you are looking for a dock leveller that offers superior security, environmental control, and smooth transition loading, look no further than the Vertical Storing Dock Leveller.

Unlike horizontal levellers that store in a pit, vertical storing revellers store upright behind the overhead door, allowing you to seal the dock opening completely and prevent contamination, energy loss, and increasing security. Vertical storing revellers also provide a smooth transition between the warehouse floor and the trailer bed, reducing the risk of injuries and damage. With vertical storing dock revellers, you can optimise your loading dock safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Environmental Control: 4-sided seal to prevent contamination and energy loss.
Drive-Thru Approach: Trailer doors open inside for safety and security.
Industry Leading Safety: Sensors to protect from pit accidents and hydraulic failure.
Productivity: Constant-contact controls and biodegradable fluid for efficiency and sustainability.
Smooth Transition: Self-flexing deck, constant radius hinge, and extended lip chamfer to reduce Dock Shock.

Vertical Storing Dock Leveller


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