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5 Factors to Consider before Choosing your Industrial Door

There are a great number of different considerations that come into choosing the ideal door for your facilities needs. Here’s some of the many that will help ensure you get the ideal door:

When door is to be installed for temperature control:

Check the temperatures on each side of the opening.
A temperature variance on both sides determines the door model & facing material, so have those numbers available.
A fully sealed .50 – 2.0 cm thick impact door will provide a good thermal barrier, pay attention to the R-value of insulation.

Pay attention to the type of traffic passing through the doorway:

The width of the traffic should not be more than 60% of the opening width. For example, a forklift is normally 122 cm wide; this would normally require the width of the opening to be at least 228 cm to be safe.

Measurement & observation of the opening is extremely important:

It is essential to measure three widths & three heights to ensure the opening is consistent
If there’s an error in measuring, the installation of the door could be jeopardised
Ensure that the floor is level. If the floor inclines or declines, it will affect the manufactured size of the proposed door, so note any gradient and ensure this is communicated early.

The door is only as good as the jamb where it is installed:

The mounting surface is critical for the performance and longevity of the door, so pay special attention to the quality and strength of the door jamb
Check your options when it comes to mounting brackets. A number of choices are available to aid with proper installation.

Some doors have different expected cycle rates:

For some 30 cycles per hour is the maximum, so be sure to note the expected traffic through the doorway as this will affect the recommended door type for your opening.

Some doors can be used in wash down and high-hygiene applications:

Educate yourself on your specific wash-down process. If chemicals are used, find out their concentration and whether they will affect the door’s materials.
Do you have special hygiene needs? This is an important consideration to ensure you get a door that will meet your safety and hygiene needs. We even have in-organic GRP doors that have no ledges, or places where bacteria can gather.

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