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Ulti PVC Impactables Are The Best Choice For The Food Industry

Within the hygiene critical food industry, there is a constant need to ensure that goods, people and infrastructure are kept safe, along with the overall requirements of food safety hygiene.

It used to be that the only real choice for barrier protection was steel (or stainless steel). Then we saw the introduction of some polypropylene and polyethylene products, a step forward, albeit with some limitations. However, we now see the emergence of a new and exciting superior PVC impactable profile, the optimum balance, that has already proven its worth within the food industry.

The reason that so many food manufacturers have been impressed with Ulti PVC Impactables is the great number of benefits they provide over all steel and other plastic profiles.

  1. Ulti PVC Impactables are flexible, returning to their original shape after impact, instead of becoming permanently deformed, and shearing off creating harmful airborne particles
  2. Ulti PVC Impactables absorb and distribute the force of impacts, reducing the risk of floor damage and break-ups compared to traditional profiles
  3. Ulti PVC Impactables are pigmented to the core and resistant to scratches, eliminating the need for any repainting and maintenance
  4. Ulti PVC Impactables are non-absorbent making it very easy to clean, and resistant to pathogens, chemicals and dust from floors maintaining their vibrant colour and remaining hygienic for ultimate food safety
  5. Ulti PVC Impactables are modular, simple, and utilising common parts, making them very easy to install compared to other profiles
  6. Ulti PVC Impactables are highly corrosion resistant retaining their integrity even under the least-favourable conditions, where other profiles would oxidise creating a risk for food safety
  7. The same products can be also applied throughout the warehouse and loading areas of your facility meaning the logistics areas have a familiar look and feel.
  8. Cost effective solution – the initial investment can be very similar to, and often less than steel products, and always less than Stainless steel fabrications – it’s a real no-brainer!

Proven effectiveness for all areas of the business – from one nationwide provider.

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