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A Leap in Logistics: How Ulti Group Redesigned Stanley Black & Decker’s Docking Process

Stanley Black & Decker in New Zealand faced significant safety and efficiency issues with their traditional container unloading practices.

UltiGroup designed and implemented an advanced dock system featuring automated safety features and enhanced visibility.

The new system tripled the facility’s container handling capacity without additional labor, while significantly boosting safety and operational efficiency.


At UltiGroup, we pride ourselves on crafting solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Our recent project with Stanley Black & Decker in New Zealand is a testament to our commitment to innovation and safety in industrial operations.

Stanley Black & Decker, a leader in tool manufacturing, was preparing to move into a new distribution facility and required a dock system that could enhance productivity and ensure the safety of their operations. Historically, like many local businesses, they unloaded containers using a method that was not only labor-intensive but also fraught with safety risks.

Recognizing the global standards Stanley Black & Decker was accustomed to, we proposed a dock system that leveraged technology and design to transform their operations. Our design increased the facility’s capacity from handling two containers per day to five or more. This boost was achieved without the need for additional labor, thanks to the automated features of the dock system.

Safety was a paramount concern. Our solution included several key features:

  • Wheel Locking System: This global safety standard, essential for preventing trucks from moving during loading, was a core component of our design. It ensured that trucks were securely anchored, eliminating the risk of accidental truck movement and potential injuries.
  • Clearview Vision Panels: These full-width vision panels significantly enhanced the visibility for operators, allowing them to monitor the docking and undocking process safely and efficiently. This feature is crucial, especially in busy warehouse environments, to prevent accidents and improve traffic management.
  • Reversing Notification System: To address the issue of dock face and bumper damage—a common problem in many facilities—we installed a system equipped with traffic lights and guidance sensors. This setup helps in precisely positioning trucks at the docks without contact, thereby saving costs related to long-term maintenance and repair.


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The installation of these systems not only streamlined operations but also entrenched a culture of safety at the Stanley Black & Decker facility. The automated features allowed for a safer working environment and reduced the need for personnel to be in high-risk areas during container loading and unloading.

Our collaboration with Stanley Black & Decker did not just stop at installation. We engaged in continuous reviews and feedback sessions to ensure the dock system met every operational need and adhered to international safety standards. The success of this project has set a new benchmark for industrial safety and efficiency in New Zealand.

This project highlights UltiGroup’s ability to deliver tailor-made solutions that integrate safety, innovation, and operational efficiency. If you’re looking to enhance your facility’s productivity and safety, contact us today to learn more about how our expertise can benefit your operations.



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