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A Watertight Solution for Uhlenberg Haulage

Founded in 1966, Uhlenberg Haulage Ltd has over 50 years’ experience in long-distance cartage throughout the North Island of NZ. This family owned and operated company has a reputation for transporting a diverse range of specialized freight from LPG to earth moving equipment. Managed by second generation brothers, Uhlenberg Haulage has around 30 trucks transporting goods from Whangarei to Wellington.

Uhlenberg Haulage recently underwent an extension to their Eltham depot, adding a truck wash facility to their existing buildings. This specialised facility was designed to be water-tight to catch and contain all run-off from truck washing.

Ulti Group provided two 4500mmH x 4500mmW Ulti Sectional Low Headroom Doors. These both had push button and radar activation with photocell protection to prevent the doors from closing on obstructions. Traffic lights were also installed to signal the door operation.

Unique to this project however, was the low headroom application. Uhlenberg Haulage needed the height for trucks to be able to access the wash bay. The Ulti Sectional Low Headroom Door only requires 240mm of headroom, almost half the headroom required for a standard Sectional Door! Installed at the back of the track is the spring set and motor, which makes low headroom applications like this achievable.

Ulti Group relishes every opportunity to make its own technology even smarter, to deliver greater value to its partners, and help protect what matters most.

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