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Efficiency in Logistics: Foodstuffs New Grenada DC


Implementing advanced logistics solutions for Foodstuffs Grenada North’s new state-of-the-art cross-dock Distribution Centre.


Ulti Group provided a range of innovative products, including bespoke Dock Loading Systems, Ulti Frigo 2 Rapid Doors, Ulti Spiral 40 Doors and more.


A highly efficient, and safe distribution centre that significantly enhances Foodstuffs’ operational capabilities for the region.


Foodstuffs recently opened a $21 million cross-dock and depot facility in Grenada, Wellington. This state-of-the-art facility represents a significant investment in modernising grocery distribution across the Wellington region. It serves as a vital hub for receiving bulk orders and efficiently dispatching them to individual stores across the region. Spanning 3,250m², the facility includes six loading docks, allowing simultaneous loading which is a crucial feature for on-time store deliveries, and is designed to ensure cool chain integrity and top-tier quality food distribution.

However, the real challenge was ensuring that this new facility operated at peak efficiency, integrating world class logistics technology. Foodstuffs required solutions that would not only streamline operations, but also maintain product temperature integrity, and enhance safety and service quality. The vision was clear; create a depot that could adapt and grow, meeting the demands of today while being ready for future expansion and challenges.

Addressing these needs, Ulti Group stepped in with our expertise in logistics solutions. Our approach was to provide a series of advanced systems, each designed specifically to meet the demands of Foodstufs Grenada, including:

  • Dock Loading Systems: These include Horizontal Dock Levellers, Inflatable Dock Seals, and Insulated Sectional Doors, designed specifically for Foodstuffs Grenada’s needs. They are crucial for maintaining the temperature integrity of perishable goods during loading and unloading, ensuring quality and freshness. Their design accommodates trucks of various sizes, including trucks with tailgates thanks to the tailgate recesses built in under the levellers, ensuring both their primary distribution trucks and their smaller store delivery trucks can load efficiently.
  • Ulti Frigo 2 Rapid Doors: With dual-curtains and high-speeds, these doors facilitate rapid movement while minimising temperature loss, crucial for maintaining the facility’s multi-temperature zones.
  • Ulti Spiral 40 Doors: Built for heavy-duty use and designed to withstand Wellington’s high winds, these doors not only offer the durability and speed required for efficient operations, but also include vision panels to enhance on-site safety.
  • Visual Warning Systems: Safety is paramount, and thus each door is equipped with LED Pre-Announce Warning Systems. These systems clearly indicate the status of the doors, ensuring staff safety during operations.

The culmination of these innovations is a facility that operates seamlessly, ensuring that Foodstuffs Grenada North can meet the high standards of safety, service, and quality they aspire to. At Ulti Group, we take pride in our role as innovators and problem solvers. Our collaboration with Foodstuffs exemplifies our commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet, but exceed client expectations, merging innovative technology with practical design. We are dedicated to creating logistics solutions that are not just efficient and reliable, but also forward-thinking. If you’re looking for a partner to elevate your logistics and distribution operations, Ulti Group is here to turn your challenges into successes!


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