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Visual Warning Systems

Why wait for an accident to happen? Ulti Group’s visual warning systems can help prevent accidents and increase safety for your personnel and vehicles.  

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See it Coming, Stay Safe

Collisions in the workplace can be fatal, and the cost of damages can be significant, which is why visual warning systems, such as smart and motion-activated flashing lights, are an essential safety measure for businesses with areas of obstructed visibility. By providing advanced warning of hidden movement, these systems can dramatically enhance the safety of your personnel, reduce damage to vehicles, and improve productivity. 

Prevent accidents and protect your business by investing in Ulti Group’s advanced warning technology.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System
Floor Marking Tape For Danger Zones
Glow-In-The-Dark Floor Marking Tape
Floor Marking Tape For Negative Temperatures
Durable Stick-On Footprints

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