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Safe-T-Signal Traffic Safety System

Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System

Worried about those blind intersections in your warehouse?

The Safe-T-Signal Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System is a highly effective solution designed to prevent accidents and promote safety in facilities where people and material handling equipment share the same space.




Plug 'n Play

< 10W

Low Energy Use

* May vary dependent on product configuration

The system’s traffic detection from all directions, high-visibility traffic control LED symbols, and adjustable detection zone and sensitivity help in promoting safety and preventing accidents in busy intersections and blind corners.

 Unidirectional Detection – traffic sensors differentiate approaching traffic, making it an effective solution for busy intersections in your facility.

 High Visibility – clear light communication with oncoming traffic using yellow LED yield signs and red LED stop signs, preventing accidents.

 Easy installation – the system is plug and play, easy to install.

Safe-T-Signal Traffic Safety System


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