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Ulti Roll Air Door

Environmental Control Door System

Need to separate two high-traffic areas with different temperatures and humidity?

This high speed, PVC curtain door with integrated air curtain delivers exceptional value and can be configured for almost any application.


Max speed


Max size (WxH)

Class 4

Wind Resistance


U-Value (W/m²K)

* May vary dependent on product configuration

With fast opening speeds and multiple upgrade options, the Ulti Roll Air outperforms traditional door types in every industry, with an integrated, lateral ventilation system that guarantees environmental separation eliminating the transfer of bugs, dust and debris ensuring your product and plant is protected.

✓ Versatile Applications – ideal for use in chilled/heated areas, food hygiene facilities, airlocks, laboratories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, logistics and more.

✓ High Speed – fast 2m/sec opening speeds (with options to increase to up to 3m/sec), maximises productivity, minimises impact damage and saves on energy costs.

✓ Crash Resistant – innovative PVC curtain edge and track design allows for rapid movement with no metal parts, keeping damage and downtime to a minimum.

✓ Self-Repair – an innovative door curtain release system enables easy restoration following accidental impacts.

✓ Customisable – compact, customisable design available in multiple colourways with many upgrade options, including full-width vision panels, ventilation panels and more.


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Integrated air curtain to circulate the air and ensure environmental separation even when the door is open



  • Multiple colour options
  • Vision panels
  • Insulated curtain material
  • Enhanced speed option

Refeed slot that allows the curtain to be fed back into the guides in the event of an accidental impact

Ulti Roll Air Door


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