A Unique Challenge That Ulti Group Answered

A dairy facility in New Zealand was having potential security problems with large sectional doors at their docking area. These bulky doors did a fine job keeping out trespassers at night, but due to their size and weight remained open throughout the whole day. This exposed the facility’s entire inventory to scrutiny and possible pilferage from passing street traffic.

As part of their site security upgrade project, Ulti Group was tasked with finding the best possible solution. We reduced the opening’s size and replacing the old doors with our own Komby Door. These doors are made up of two components:

• A large heavy duty steel roller shutter door to keep out thieves and other criminal elements at night.

• Our rapid PVC door, allowing their forklifts easy access via remotes that restrict access to only a certain number of people and keeping the door closed whenever it’s not in use.

Combining our high speed PVC Doors with our secure Roller Shutter Doors on one doorway, to provide ultimate security and maximum efficiency – all through one entrance.

With such a compact design, the high speed PVC Door and the Roller Shutter Door ‘piggyback’ each other, and fit snugly on top of one another, requiring little headroom space for the two-door system.