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Ulti Komby Door

High-Performance Security Twin Door

Need maximum efficiency and ultimate security through one entranceway?

With world-class speeds and innovative security features, we’ve combined the Ulti Roll high-speed door with our secure Shutter Door in one common frame.


Max speed


Max size (WxH)

Class 3

Wind Resistance

2 Years


* May vary dependent on product configuration

With fast opening speeds of up to 3m/sec, the Ulti Komby door will maximise productivity, decrease energy usage and give you peace of mind, knowing your team can remain productive while ensuring your facility remains secure.

High-Speedrapid opening speeds up to 3m/s to maximise productivity and minimise the chance of impact damage.

Future-Proof Securityincreases the value and versatility of buildings that may require MPI or similar code compliance for storing products.

Crash-Resistant innovative PVC curtain edge and track design allows for rapid movement with no metal parts, keeping damage and downtime to a minimum.

Versatile Applicationsideal to replace slow-moving or manual door systems for use in warehouses, logistics and freight yards, supermarkets, government facilities and more.

Customisableavailable with an insulated curtain option for use in chilled areas to prevent condensation and maintain stable temperatures.

Kiwis for Kiwis – Locally Produced in NZ


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Ulti Komby Door


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