3000 Series

Heavy duty PVC swing doors

Heavy duty PVC swing doors, renowned for their strength and durability, are the 2400 Series big brother – still providing fast, safe access through your doorways.

Two-way swing allows quick and easy access through these PVC flap doors from both directions, making them the perfect solution for supermarkets.


Impact Shear Pins: Built into the bottom mounting point of the panels these pins shear off to allow the panels to swing free on impact, preventing damage to both the wall and the aluminium frame.

Maximum Height: 3m

Maximum Width: 3.2m

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3000 Series PVC Doors are specially designed for larger openings than the 2400 Series, and are renowned for their extra strength – which can be largely attributed to welded aluminium door styles and gussets which are powder coated.  



Transparent PVC flaps provide great visibility through the doorway, increasing safety for your employees rushing to and fro through the doorway.  


Incorporated Signage

Your preferred signage or logo can be incorporated into the door panel, meaning it will never be worn or removed like an exterior sign would be. 

Incorporated Signage
3m x 3.2m
Maximum Height x Width of a 3000 Series Door

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