Steel circular bollards

    Specifically engineered bollards to provide maximum protection against vehicle and fork truck damage to your buildings and assets.


    Ulti Bollards come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs to suit any application where protection is needed against vehicle impact.

    Available to be surface mounted, cast-in, or removable -to allow full access when needed.

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    Save Costs

    If a vehicle comes in contact with any of your assets, repairs are always expensive, but with Ulti bollards to protect your building and assets, the only cost is replacing the bollard - an economical option if you factor in the cost of downtime caused by asset damage. 

    Save Costs


    Available galvanised for corrosion resistance or bright yellow for safety.


    Door Frame Bollards

    Full frame bollards are available to protect the perimeter of your doorways from forklift impact, preventing thousands of dollars of damage from vehicles that are too high or wide.  

    Door Frame Bollards
    protect assets
    to reduce your asset replacement expenditure