Controlled Atmosphere Doors

Gas tight doors

100% gas tight refrigeration doors with unique inflatable sealing, which help maintain the temperature and air humidity levels in ripening and storage rooms.


An entirely gas-tight space is crucial to successful storage, with the door forming a vital component. It takes only seconds to open and re-seal Ulti gas-tight doors.


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Gas Tight Seals

Ulti Controlled Atmosphere Doors have a unique action locking design which provide them with their 100% sealing capability, meaning temperatures and atmospheric conditions can be easily controlled within the room they open to. 


Whilst being gas-tight, these doors are also constructed out of an insulated panel, and this coupled with their tight seals provides an unbeatable door for temperature control within your facility. 


Designed for taking samples of the conditions inside the controlled atmosphere space, double glazed windows that open from the outside are positioned in the center of the door. These are an optional feature. 

gas tight

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