Removable safety barriers for docks

A simple, removable, easy-to-use safety barrier which helps prevent forklifts, pallet jacks, and pedestrians from falling off loading docks.


Dok-Guardian Video:


Maximum Width: 5m

Height: 1120mm

Strength: Stops a 4500kg vehicle moving at 6.5km per hour


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Improve Safety

Vacant loading docks create a dangerous 1.2m drop-off for dock personnel and material handling equipment. Protect your employees and equipment with Dok-Guardian, a simple, easy-to-use safety solution for almost any loading dock.

Improve Safety


The highly visible red and yellow barrier is manually retractable, meaning when not in use barrier is stored out of harm’s way, and is easily pulled out to guard the loading dock when needed. 



Barrier can stop a 4500kg vehicle moving at 6.5km per hour, with little or no damage to the safety barrier, meaning it is ready to take the next accidental impact.

how strong?
able to stop 4500kg moving @ 6.5km/h

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