Eclipse Shelter

Totally sealed dock shelter

This dock shelter blocks light and seals gaps where previous shelters have failed, especially on trailer tops and corners, guaranteeing the darkest, most environmentally-secure dock possible.

Eclipse Shelter Video:

Side Seals – Durable Gapmaster hoods wrap around open truck doors sealing all hinge gaps.
Top Seals – An exclusive weighted head curtain applies over 40kg of pressure across the full width of the truck top. The gravity based system keeps the curtain in constant contact with the truck at all times during the unloading/loading stages.
Corner Seals – Innovative fabric corner pockets connect the shelter sides to the top providing a dark complete seal when truck is docked.
Bottom Seal – Add Ulti Group’s under leveller sealing system with the Eclipse lip corner seals, filler pads and other components to seal the fourth side of your dock.


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Impactable foam side frames are reinforced with a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) layer to protect foam from damage from trailer impact.



Removable Sealing Hooks

Hooks come sleeved in conforming vinyl fabric wrap for better seal. Hooks are removable and easy to replace.

Removable Sealing Hooks


36 Month money back satisfaction guarantee when ordered with premium fabrics. 

no gaps
and when we say no we mean no

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