Insulated Hinged Doors

Hinged doors for temperature control

These doors are designed to withstand a wide range of cold temperatures, with a sleek and robust insulated panel design perfectly suited to a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. With an impressive temperature control range of -40°C to +8°C, you can be sure Ulti Group’s insulated hinged doors can fit your chiller and freezer needs.

Available in both manual and automated versions, the automatic version having a range of control options – from remote-controlled push buttons to infrared sensors and radars.

Panel Types: Stainless steel, galvanized coated steel, galvanized steel painted to any chosen colour, or freezer panel with capping.

Door Thickness: 60mm to 150mm

Temperature Range: -40°C to +8°C


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Doors can be fitted to freezers with working temperatures down to -40°C, to stop cold air escaping and warm air entering your freezer, reducing energy costs.


Sturdy & Robust

Created with a sleek, no-frills design and made out of heavy-duty materials, our Insulated Hinged Doors can take the harshest low temperature conditions and physical abuse.

Sturdy & Robust


Its minimalistic design makes breakdowns and other issues virtually non-existent. Even when repairs need to be done to the door, the cost and downtime is extremely low.

The basic door
for any chiller or freezer

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