Manual Wheel Lock

Safety restraints for vehicles

The Manual Wheel Lock offers simple operation in a cost-effective, versatile design to service a wide variety of trailers, such as hydraulic lift gates or trailers without rear impact guards RIGs.

It services the widest variety of trailers including lift-gates, standard over the road with or without RIG’s, and intermodal container chassis.

19″ (0.48 m) high barrier secures virtually any trailer with a 30-44″ (0.76-1.1 m) tire diameter.

43-145″ (1.1-3.7 m) engagement range.

Interior and exterior LED lights are standard. 1-year parts and labor warranty.


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Easily Positioned

Ergonomic design is easily positioned with minimal force in front of the trailer's rearmost or front tire.

Easily Positioned

Safety And Security

When the barrier is properly secured on trailer tire the security latch is engaged insuring that the barrier cannot be removed. The security latch also serves as a cargo theft deterrent. Forklift drivers must depress "loading complete" button on the inside control box to retract the security latch.

Safety And Security

Reliable, Low Maintenance

Constructed with a simple, reliable design that only requires yearly maintenance. Surface mounted for easy installation and maintenance, while performing in all weather conditions.

Reliable, Low Maintenance
surprise vehicle movement
can cause serious harm

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