Ulti Alu-Speed Shutter

High speed aluminium roller shutter door

A combination of strength, speed, great insulation and tight security complete this one-door system – an economical option for all exterior applications, with quality aesthetics.

In short the Alu-Speed Shutter is an Insulated and Motorised Roller Shutter Door, but with that added extra all round.


Minimum Size: 1.5m Wide x 2m High

Maximum Size: 5m Wide x 5m High

Opening Speed: Up to 1m/sec

Closing Speed: Up to 0.38m/sec


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One door system

No need for a fast acting door as well as a secure roller shutter door, this door covers speed, strength and security, combining to cover all the features you need in a doorway. 


One door system


Each slat is filled with PU hard foam, giving it great insulation properties for temperature controlled areas.



Robust guide rails and aluminium slats provide an effective barrier to any uninvited personnel attempting to enter your facility, enhancing your doorway security around you facility.


Economical Option

Above all, the Ulti Alu-Speed is an economical option for doorways at your facility. A combination of many essential benefits are rolled into this one door, all for a very competitive price. Contact Ulti Group now to get your free quote. 


Moving at about three times the speed of your conventional roller shutter door, the chance of accidental impact from traffic moving through the doorway is reduced, and cycle times are reduced therefore meaning the work environment is maintained.  

three times
the speed of a conventional slat door

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