Ulti Roll Food

Hygienic Rapid Door

The Ulti Roll Food is a high speed, crash-resistant, washable, low maintenance, safe PVC fabric door, designed to meet the stringent hygienic and wash-down requirements of the NZ food processing industry.

Ulti-mate Hygiene

The Ulti Roll Food door is specifically designed to meet the needs of Food Processing facilities. With a unique FDA approved Food Grade PVC curtain, stainless steel frames, and specially designed frame system and sloped hood to prevent the build-up of dust or liquid – the entire door is fully washable.

Speed Where It Matters

The Ulti Roll Food has an opening speed of up to 2.7m/second. These fast cycle times mean the door opens quickly and remains open for the minimum time required, maximising productivity, and decreasing the chance of contamination.


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Low Maintenance

At the heart of the Ulti Roll Food door design is the innovative curtain edge that firmly holds the curtain into the side guides. The edge of the curtain has continuous injection-moulded teeth that are held in a self-lubricating polyethylene track, meaning no chemicals needed for washing and maintenance, and in the event of an impact, unzips, and moves away from the impact. Because there are no metal parts within the curtain design, damage is also kept to a minimum.

Space Saving

The compact frame design means that the Ulti Roll Food uses significantly less floor area and wall space than the traditional hinged or sliding doors previously used in hygiene critical environments, making it a smart choice.


With contactless activations, the Ulti Roll Food is simple and easy to use. It not only prevents cross-contamination by eliminating the need to push any buttons or use handles, but it is also glove-friendly which increases efficiencies and productivity.

Fast, Washdown, Hygienic
The ULTI-mate Rapid Door for Food Processors

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